About Us

A Nonprofit Organization Helping Afghans in Need

The Mission of The Lamia Afghan Foundation

1) Providing education and economic development opportunities for long-term, self-sustainability for all Afghans; men, women, girls, and boys.

2) Providing humanitarian aid through online donations to purchase needed relief items locally in Afghanistan. The appropriate clothing and blanket items are available, and purchasing them locally will help support the Afghan economy.

***The Denton Humanitarian Airlift Program has once again been discontinued for Afghanistan.***

Our Humanitarian Aid Efforts and Successes

We are striving to win "hearts and minds" in Afghanistan. Our efforts and successes were the result of the incredible generosity of the American people. Everything was donated. We were successful because of our partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, corporate donors, universities, churches, and individual donors. We conducted clothing drives and school supply drives across the country. The Lamia Afghan Foundation airlifted over three and a half million pounds of cargo since 2010.

At the present time, we will accept financial donations in order to purchase humanitarian aid—winter clothing and school supplies in Afghanistan. This will not only help needy people with things they need but also help the Afghan economy by purchasing these items in-country. It will create more jobs, which are badly needed.

Our Current Projects:

(A) Winter Supplies Distribution in Eastern Afghanistan 2016 and 2017:

1: Winter Supplies Distribution in Nangarhar Province:

2: Winter Supplies Distribution in Nuristan Province:

3: Winter Supplies Distribution in Laghman Province:

4: Winter Supplies in Surkhrod District of Nangarhar Province:

We are funding a tent school for 500 refugee children in a Kabul refugee camp.

Our Past Projects

Our Recent Projects